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Secrets of Machine Embroidery

Welcome to Marilynn's Place.

A fun site strictly for your enjoyment, so grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and relax while you check our offerings. There are tutorials for the Paint Shop Pro and Photo Impact software and while you're there look thru some of the freebies (remember to download them to your site, please do not link to my bandwidth). Have a laugh or two in the LOL section and maybe find something inspirational in the Sayings section. Find a recipe you would like to try in the Recipe section.

If you like making jewelry, check out the links to Jewelry making sites and if you are into Machine Embroidery be sure to see the list of sites that will give you good information on this wonderful hobby. My embroidery machine of choice is the Pfaff 2170 along with its 4D Software, I love this combination of machine and software. I also use Embird for other editing and digitizing needs.

All of the main graphics on this site were made using Paint Shop Pro . I've used Paint Shop Pro since version 4 as my graphics program of choice. However, I also use Photo Impact which I've come to love and other graphics programs which I'll be adding soon. In the PhotoImpact section I've included a PI Gallery which features some of the things I learned while a part of the PIRC group.